November 7, 2017



Cover Screenshot

A cover screenshot is an opportunity to engage the audience. It should provide information about the subject of the presentation and it should be visually attractive. Good special composition and cohesive look are what make a great first impression. At Zenskillz we pay great attention to the graphic design of our e-learning courses.


Tutorial is a key to user friendly course. It explains in easy and quick way how to use the application. It assures pleasurable learning experience to any user.


How do I take the course? How long does the course take?
Do I have to complete all pages in the course?
Can I take the course again later?
What happens if I exit before I complete the lesson?
Why can’t I go to the next page in the course; the next button is grayed out?
All these questions and many more can be answered by help page content. It is a great tool in the e-learning apps created by Zenskillz.


A good overview slide is part of a road map that allows the audience to know where they are in the presentation. It gives them a good idea for what to look for in our course. It helps them understand the relevance of the earlier screenshots.


To achieve maximum learning experience, each slide should be as informational as possible. Knowledge is an ultimate goal of each our presentations.


Our courses are interactive. Interactivity has been proven to have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the e-learning process. At Zenskillz we believe that interactivity is defined as the “dialogue” between user and e-learning tools through which user becomes engaged and involved in the learning process.


We use audio in our courses. Audio is a key element for e-learning content. Appropriate, high-quality audio helps capture learners’ attention, contextualize information, and make e-learning a more captivating multimedia experience.


We incorporate videos in our e-learning presentations. Videos can stimulate brainstorming, heighten motivation and appeal to a variety of learning needs.


We provide each course with custom credit page.